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The scars, both physical and emotional, from a serious injury or losing a loved one never completely heal.  That is why victims and families of victims come to The Galveston Lawyers, to help them recover what they deserve to try and make them "whole" again...



Is it not working out?  If you are considering a divorce, your mind is probably filled with a laundry list of questions and concerns.  How will we divide time between the kids?  How will we divide support for the kids?  What about all of our possessions?  Should one spouse provide support to the other in the future?  It can go on and on...





There may not be anything more important than your freedom.  If you or a family member has been arrested, contact The Galveston Lawyers immediately.  It is essential to obtain counsel as early as possible.  Ideally, you should do it before speaking to law enforcement.  It is not for the Police’s benefit that upon your arrest they tell you anything you say may be held against you and of your right to have an attorney present during questioning...